Friday, February 12, 2010

Show the LOVE Giveaway

The Chica Boutique is hosting the Show the LOVE Giveaway!

Have you grabbed the button? Are you a follower of The Chica Boutique blog? If you have grabbed the button and it is displayed on your blog, leave me a comment so I can see! If you're a follower of this blog...Thank You! This has been really fun for me to get started and I love watching it unfold very organically.

To say a big THANK YOU to all of you I want to offer a chance to win two custom designed Boutique Message Boards (one for you, and one for your friend!). Here are the rules:

1) Leave a comment and let me know where the button is!

2) And/Or Become a Follower.

3) Make sure I can contact you by your blog or email address in the comment you leave.

4) To double your chances of winning leave a post on your blog to encourage your readers to enter the Show the LOVE Giveaway.

I will use to find the winner on Sunday, February 14 (Valentine'sDay!). Be sure to have your comments in by Sunday, 11:45 pm.

Thank you again for all of the support!


  1. Hi I am a follower and I also have you linked on my blog - just don't know how to get the button over there!!

    Vickie Heydenreich

  2. Hey Andrea! Your button is on my blog and I love checking back to see what is new!

  3. Hi! I am a follower and have you linked on my blog! I think your Boutique Message Boards are simply fabulous! :)

  4. I am a follower too! I have your button on the family blog and my momma style blog. Love your boards, they are adorable :)

  5. I've got the button!! Loooove my lovely new board and will be posting pics of it soon as well as the amazing custom blocks... a fabulous keepsake! You are awesome!!!

  6. Hello, Dah-ling! I'm following you and your button's on my blog!

  7. Hi there Andrea~
    I am a follower and your button is on my blog.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Alright, gal! I'm following, have added a link to my blog and I wrote a post. I don't know how to add the button though. Let me know and I'll add it. Loving all of the beautiful designs!


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